About us

Well Cleanup delivers market-leading solutions for connecting flexible hoses for transferring fluids for well stimulation between a vessel to a platform / rig / ship / FPSO or subsea installation. Our patented method contributes to a more efficient and safe implementation of such well stimulation operations offshore through faster connection and disconnection of flexible hoses, reduced risk of damage to personnel, ships / rigs and equipment, increased weather window, and limited possibility of discharging liquids to sea.

Ever since the idea stage, it has been important for Well Cleanup to make visible the sustainable part of our business concept. Our customers save significant amounts by using our concept through more efficient implementation of well stimulation campaigns, including reduced number of vessel days, as well as reduced number of days the vessel / rig “waits” for the weather. This means a significant reduction in consumption of oil products, and thus a reduction in NOx, CO2 and SOx emissions. Since our concept makes it possible to avoid the use of cranes, as well as manual operations that require human interaction, we also reduce the likelihood of injuries to personnel. Furthermore, we reduce the risk of damage to vessels / rigs by these being able to operate with a greater distance between them.

Through the utilization of digital solutions, we will contribute to improving the quality, security, stability and efficiency of our solutions.