Successful emptying of subsea oil storage tank

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Well Cleanup’s Hose Transfer System has during the Summer of 2022 been carrying out work related to emptying oil storage tanks offshore. This was done with our systems being mounted on a tanker. The campaign was a success and the client want us to mobilize for another campaign next year.

The decommissioning of a subsea oil storage tank is an important process for the safety and maintenance of marine infrastructure. As with any decommissioning project, there are several issues that must be addressed to complete such a project safely and efficiently. One of the biggest issues related to emptying a subsea oil tank is the presence of any hazardous materials. The tank may contain a variety of hazardous materials, such as oil, gas, and chemicals. These materials must be identified and removed safely to prevent any potential environmental damage. Additionally, any remaining oil must be removed to ensure that it does not contaminate the surrounding marine environment.

Successful emptying of subsea oil storage tank

Another issue is the need to ensure that the tank is properly emptied. This includes making sure that all the oil is removed, as well as any other hazardous materials. Additionally, the tank must be purged of any remaining gas or vapours before it is closed off. This process can be complicated and time consuming and requires special equipment and expertise.

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